Brazil loves IBE and IBE loves Brazil. For years Brazilian dancers have been coming to the festival to share their passion for music, dance and the culture of hip hop. In 2018 Pelezinho, Tyrone (IBE) and Lilou (Lilouzinho for Brazilians) designed the Havaianas Battle aka Batalha de Chinelo a special battle concept which has the Breakers battle in flip flops. This is not easy to do and more than once to great excitement of the audience you will see flip flops flying through the air. This little piece of Brazilian culture is one of the highlights at the festival.

Friday 04 August
Location – Cypher 1
Solo Breaking Battle
Presented by Pelezinho (bra) & Wilson Almeida(hol)
DJ Nobunaga (hol)
Judges: Allmax, Gabriel, TBA  (bra)

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