For the First Time, The Notorious IBE hosts the Undisputed Junior Battle 

The junior (15 years and under) solo battle upholds a standard of breaking that is not far short of the professionals. The FUJIFILM INSTAX Undisputed feels that it is important for young breakers to get the opportunity to participate in events like these. With the support of the community, Undisputed creates a supportive environment where young breakers can connect with peers. The support of the community encourages growth and resilience.

The Undisputed Junior battle offers an opportunity for young talent to develop and refine their breaking skills at a high level of competition. Participants learn from top performers, refine techniques, and experience growth both technically and artistically. Undisputed serves as a platform for young talent to showcase their skills and gain recognition within the breaking community.

The Undisputed Junior battle can open doors to future opportunities, such as participation in the Summer Youth Olympics Games in Dakar in 2026.

Do you want to compete in the Undisputed Junior Battle? Registration opens on June 25th at and8.dance. Don’t miss your chance to be part of something unforgettable!

Register here: [Link will follow soon]

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